Virus Series


Static Virus AKA Lint Ball

Erica Adams, "Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray, Morris Graves & Jocelyne Prince: An Archeology of the Future". This Side Up, Spring 2000, No 9, pages 24-25.

Craig Pyette, "The dust bunny from hell". Saturday Night, March 1998, page 11. (photo and text)

Artist-Run Culture, a portfolio of recent and upcoming artwork reviews. Mix Magazine, Fall 1997, vol. 23.2, page 30. (photo and text)

Mega Pathogen

Matthew Kangas, "A New Paradigm". Glass Magazine, Fall 2000, no 80, pages 24-31.


Static Virus AKA Lint Ball

Constellation, group exhibition, curators: Anna Norberg and Donna Marcantonio, 2000. (New Art Center in Newton, Newton, MA.)

Home Invasion, group exhibiton, curators: Dai Skuse and Bernie Miller, 1997. (YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Ontario)

Viruses, solo exhibition, 1997. (Galerie Articule Gallery, Montreal, Quebec)

Mega Pathogen

Me and Them, group show, curator: Micah Lexier, 2007. (Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon)

Isopomorphic Prosthesis

Rapid Eye Movement, group show, curator: Sandra Jass, 1998. (Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario) (catalogue)


Jocelyne Prince

Virus Series (1997- 2007)

3 installations

[image: virus collage]

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